Structured Play  

Improving Pupil Behaviour Through Structured Play Time Activities

This is an interactive, active, practical and enjoyable course demonstrating a wide range of simple to organise structured activities. This course will make playtime more enjoyable and safer for pupils and also a lot less stressful for staff!

  • Does playtime sometimes cause problems?
  • Are there certain pupils who find it difficult to cope with the unstructured nature of playtime and therefore display poor behaviour?
  • Have you had to deal with pupils threatening or arguing with one another in the playground?
  • Have you had to deal with pupils hurting one another by becoming over excited?
  • Have pupils ever complained of being bored or having nothing to do?
  • Have certain pupils become more difficult to manage in the afternoon due to them becoming over excited during dinnertime?

Some of the previous comments from this course include;

“The games have proved very successful. I have had 36 children wanting to play the game.”
“It has been excellent—I’ve had to split them into 2 groups as there are too many children who want to play.”
“The games have been very popular and staff have felt comfortable in playing and organising them.”
“Really enjoyable. Well delivered activities & easy to understand.”
“Brilliant. I have enjoyed it very much and look forward to doing the activities with the children.”
“The course was a lot of fun and very enjoyable and the course would be fully recommended to other members of the staff at my school.”